2019 Content.. #Insights

Dear The Arabic Digital Public Relations Journal reader. I am honored to provide my insights about content production in 2019.

Reality: “It is a content analysis journey” I keep telling myself. Holy books of the heavenly religions and these of earth nature in India, china and the Fareast countries are content that went through processes of revisions to set an example for a moral code of conduct between mankind.

Either you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Indus or people without certain religious affiliation you will need content to fulfill your soul with wisdom about situations and characters. You will need it in your daily business. You will need content to fulfill your needs on daily basis.
The demand for creative content for marketing purposes will witness a rise as a result for the trade war and other considerations that affect the global economy.

Fiction: Nobody thought why the author of the “Arabian Nights” bothered himself to produce factionary content about mysterious lands and unfamiliar creatures. “Kalila Wa Dimna” is the name of the book which animals can talk and tell you endless stories full of fortunate and unfortunate incidents.

“The right mixture of both, #Reality and #Fiction, provides impressive results and helps create the accurate marketing selling points. It is a hard equation to achieve indeed”.

#Continuous Learning: As a content provider, in 2019, you will be able to survive the market by adapting to continuous learning methods and techniques as you shall go through new trends, technologies, strategies and business tactics. You have to be prepared for the journey and willing to take the risk.

#Content Creation and Mapping: You can create content as much as you can but the results can fail you. It is about mapping content that puts into consideration the individuals and businesses preferences which are going to change consistently in terms of gender, age, psychographic and other factors.

#The Markets Segments Analysis: The recent international political and economic reports can tell you that the market segments will witness dramatic changes this year based on their political affiliations, ,incomes , and spending habits. Markets segments analysis is going to be a powerful tool in generating content especially for the startups and the SMEs.

#Leadership Content Challenges: The real challenge this year is when to personalize, institutionalize, or use the third-eye approach. Do not worry, the stars shall guide you. Another challenge is how to generate lively conversations so more research is needed to define content that helps create better #customer experience.



#Funding Innovations: Content prospers where there is a flow of investments dedicated for funding innovations. The Intellectual Property Rights will play a pivotal role in guarding innovation and defining the value of the newly produced products (content, software or hardware).

#Images Creation Process: “is it just mind games or mental stimulation journey?” if you can answer this question you will know exactly what route you are pursuing as a content provider. Images creation process also will change this year due to technology, business models, and most important the cultural sphere that controls the whole ecosystem. Technology and media labs will have their say in this respect.

I hope my insights are useful to content providers and other insights from your side will be of a great importance.

The Other Side of The Story.
“Your Uncle is On Air”

This is a true story about one of my uncles which affected my life significantly. When I was young he was mentioned by my father and our relatives as a symbol for resilience and determination.

Taking risk: In the 70s of the 20th century, my uncle finished his political science and economics studies in Cairo University. After graduation, He had two choices either to accept a well- paid government job or to fulfill his ambition and establish a new life overseas.

Entrepreneurship: He decided to take the least beaten path for most of the people in our country at this time; he chose to leave Egypt where he grew up and to immigrate to UK. A new country, family and source of income were of a great importance.

Leadership: I recognize him as one of my lifetime teachers and he did his best to provide me with precious insights about how to live and work. We had regular meetings. These meetings were inspirational to me as I learnt more about developing leadership skills which I found more progressive.

Entrepreneurship: During one of our meetings, he told me “I had to juggle different jobs to adapt to the wildness of UK and support the family”.

Personal development: “Later I could upgrade my skills and work as a journalist in the most prestigious publications in UK and the GCC” he added.

Media relations: Working as a Journalist helped him to create solid foundations with government representatives, media professionals, and trade and industry associations at various destinations.

Elizabeth Boudrie
VP Market insights at
Everest Group.

CSR: The progressive attitude he possessed is combined with a charitable nature as he worked to support his family in UK and did not forget about his origins in Egypt too. He also provides unpaid services for some of the charitable organizations and communities.

I was even so proud either to read his articles, listen to him on the radio or to see him conducting a T.V interview. It was my best moment when they tell me “Your Uncle is On Air”.

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