A Revolution of Thought: Public Policy for Sustainable Development

A number of world countries witnessed political and economic difficulties. Some of these hardships worked to cause chaos and even destructive behavior. Frustration and anger of the masses are the main characteristics when they develop their resentful acts towards their governments

Governments are always occupied with their planning and gathering the necessary resources to achieve their goals. In times of economic recession and digital transformation we will see how public policy can affect the relationship between governments and its publics

The following thesis does not provide an immediate solution for this dilemma. It helps reduce the undesirable effects of social conflicts to the bare minimal. It also aims to develop a mindset about how governments, social leaders, publics and think tanks should work together to bridge this gap and to ensure of the sustainable development goals are best achieved through public policy.


It is known that the human kind seeks peace and prosperity. Spiritual and mental ecosystems work together to achieve this common nature and help build a civilized society where you can live and work in a safe environment

Social conflict theory: Violence versus the rebellious acts of enlighten

Most of us do not like to see or hear news about wars, crimes and social injustice. As someone who worked previously in reporting crime news I have seen violence more than you can imagine and it is not something you can live with it for a longtime

On the other hand, it is totally absurd for most of us to a man destroying a facility and calling him a rebel. #this is violence and sure governments have their security measures to curb any act of aggression

The rebellious acts enlighten:

To analyze whether your acts are paving the way of enlightment or just a passing infatuation, you have to go through an in-depth analysis for the self-character and other people characters. How they got where they are and how you shall find your own way. Wisdom lies here to sidestep any uncertainty about your and their behavior

As nobody can be a mirror for another, developing a character is a complicated process. Of course, the needs vary, so there is a constant interaction between man and his surroundings either to create a cooperative system or just to promote conflict

For governments and political leaders:

In most cases, Governments fail to define the thin line between ambitions of its own people either: the legitimate and dreamy ones. Contradicting laws and office politics works to be stumbling block for their abilities to achieve certain goals

In other cases, we can see the publics without an appropriate agenda issue. Hence all what we see is that the publics are just expressing their needs without taking into consideration the government priorities. Social contracts, either constitutions or laws, also define how big the gap is between a citizen and his government. The wider the gap, we will see the #conflict theory is creating its bubbles

Shaping the culture that serves sustainable development goals is what governments should seek and raising awareness through adopting a combination of psychological and social behavior analysis which will provide solutions for the political and economic challenges

For the social leaders:

To set an example via social media is not enough. Social leaders shall put their ideas to test to drive innovation. Upsetting the current systems can work to counterfeit the traditional ways of thinking and provide clues for transformation

Social leaders also can develop their theories of change not only based on perceptions but also by participating in bringing these changes to the real world through direct communication, sharing knowledge and executing collaborative projects

Most of today`s world political leaders took the social route to address these contradictions
This is to ensure that their thoughts are well shaped, widespread and the publics ready to take their plans to the next level

For technology providers and think tanks:

The digital transformation for most of the organizations is all about the acceleration of technology adoption either software or hardware. These technologies can provide more educational platforms and devices that are safe and secured.

They should take into consideration the demographic analysis of the target segments and the measures that are needed to produce localized educational content

The produced educational content and technologies shall be a reflection for the political affiliation, social and economic status of the trainees whom will be a new wave of political and social leaders in their regions

For the political analysts and public policy experts:

They should develop new insights that commensurate with the motives and behaviors of the masses and the form of exercising political rights in normal and crisis situations, with the aim of promoting political participation and putting an emphasize on the relationship between technology and educational content designed for political purposes. This will contribute to the development of new theories in political science

For economists and financial analysts:

Researching the political orientations of markets at the level of governments and peoples will contribute greatly to the development of economic theories and innovative business models

A comprehensive approach that includes all the above mentioned factors will not help describe the state of the market and its movement, but will contribute to the development of more theoretical foundations of these practices

Monitoring the implications of the freedom of political practice on the development of business systems can have its desirable effect on public policy formation which will help decrease social tensions and to put the development plans on the right track

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