The Road to Mecca: A Roadmap for Peace and Security in Iraq

A way of the Nuclear profile, further sanctions is exhausting the scene between the US and Iran causing critical situation to Iraq. Easing the tension is required after the late chaos.

The Middle East map

The recent “Senate Act” restraining president’s Donald Trump abilities to start war with Iran was not a solution to the rooted problem.

A guarantee that U.S and Iran stop influencing the Iraqi national sovereignty and security is crucial.

Gradual withdrawal of the U.S troops from Iraq in return of Iran’s obligation not to interfere via the revolutionary guard or any other Shi’a militia in the Iraqi decision.

The agreement can set the pace for normalizing the relations by finding a common ground through trade and investment the relationships between US and its allies in the Middle East so as to Iran and all its factions in the region.

An Iraqi constitutional reform should be considered by the the government and the Iraqi parliament to make sure there is no discrimination ensuring equal opportunity to all the Iraqis in the wealth of their nation and government jobs.

Equal opportunities in the parliament structure. Dissolving the Iraqi militias and all submit to the constitution, law and one government.

A separate deal between US and Iran to pump Petrol through the Iraqi soil with shares for all parts involved.

When approved via “initial contact” The shares will be negotiated by :US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Iranian Foreign Minister: Jawad Zarif, and The Iraqi Priminister: Adel Abdelmahdi

NATO and other countries should commit to train a unified Iraqi army with no affiliation untill they are able to defend their soil as an organized army.

The representatives of foreign armed forces exist on the Iraqi soil is to provide counsel to the Iraqi army through a unified center of excellence to share reports with the Iraqi government and be a focal point of negotiations about the nuclear profile.

Through profits the US will execute withdrawal in a timely manner. The agreement provide a safe venue for the Iranians to enjoy the wealth of their nation.

Representatives of Sunnah, Kurds and all other components of the Iraqi community are to be invited to attend the signing ceremony provided that the US, Iran and Iraq cooperate together to secure the event in a chosen land.

Deal of the century.

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