The Nations Game.. Monopoly with “Unique Aroma”

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“Scanning the international scene is integral to media practices; it provides detailed mapping for complicated crisis management.”

We will see the changes happening around us from everywhere. The important question is whether we are ready for change not as a mere passing opportunity but as a new “life story”.

We all seek answers for questions arise every second in a fast paced changing global community. Some will stick to his case and others will take a detour. Some will accept this fact and others will deny it.
The “state of denial” is a common phenomenon for most of today’s world leaders and works fine to stimulate “exaggeration” where you can see governments, business lobbies, religious groups and militias are taking the center stage as “dominant coalitions”.
Perhaps, we misunderstood the main purpose of both by applying myth and personal interest to the fore. For instance, in the United States, signing the partial trade agreement with China, the “Ukraine Tragedy” and the presidential elections 2020
The U.S foreign policy adopted the “maximum pressure” approach amid “two sword edges ” game between the white House and the U.S Congress. The scene also with Iran was boiling by killing the U.S contractor in Iraq, then Qasem Solimani assassination, the attack on the U.S embassy in Iraq and, eventually, more sanctions on Iran and Iraq.
In the United Kingdom, you will see Brexit plans are in their course as the current government is working to reduce the negative effects of this divorce and facilitate business partnerships with various entities, but without fully subjecting to European will.
As for the European Union, its leaders, whether at the Commission, the European Central Bank, or Parliament, are working to craft the new form of the Union without Britain at the political, economic, and social levels, which is not an easy task anyway.

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Of course, for every change its rules, procedures and schedules and errors are possible, but this does not deny that the countdown has already begun between the yesterday and tomorrow worlds.
It is not a pessimistic view of the scale and nature of the challenges ahead, but a necessity to see a clearer future.

Nikolo Mikiavilli: the “Prince” and “Art of War

Although we live in the 21th century, Nikolo Mikiavilli magnificent two books: the “Prince” and the “Art of War” are reliable sources if you wanted to know how to take a decision, how conflicts are boiling to the extreme and suddenly things cool down. Then rise again and so on.
These two prominent books are not the only ones used to back and package the continuous allegations of the each warring faction and with a simple touch of religious, cultural and business spirit to produce a “unique aroma” for the conflict of interests.
These two books and other high-end books in the art of politics and war teach us that the rules and arts of administration will not change if we do not adopt an approach that mixes cultural heritage and technology away from selling illusions.
Simply because, in the current decade, the human mind does not tolerate telling naive stories and using them just as a communication method, but for it to be meaningful is the hardest option.
Since Machiavelli clearly formulated these rules in his book to lay a solid framework for a “win-win” stance either in building nations, or in politics, as well as in wars, and doing business for those who can analyze the nature of the current scene, and scrutinizing opportunities and make fateful decisions.
Machiavelli’s lack of good reputation or recognition during his life or after his death puts him among the great philosophers.. I don’t blame anyone who sees otherwise.

Managing the common affairs of humanity

“Understanding the Current International Order”, a report issued by RAND researchers in 2016 can shed light on many of answers to these questions as it provided an analysis for the combination of the international order led by the United States since 1945.
The report summarized the threat to this order into three pivotal points related to the rising power of other nations resisting the U.S hegemony, volatility of failed states or economic crisis, and shifting domestic politics in an era of slow growth and growing inequality.
“Global Governance, International Order, and World Order” the A.M. Kacowicz 2012 article argues also for the importance of global governance in an age of globalization and contends that global governance should be understood alongside a possible continuum of governance ranging from international order to world government.
The article also discusses the concept of a global governance complex that embraces states, international institutions, transnational networks, and agencies which function with variable effect and effectiveness to promote, regulate, and manage the common affairs of humanity.

Poisoning the global liberal order

On its website in 2018, the World Economic Forum issued a warning about the damaging effect of “populism” to the liberal international order on which peace and prosperity have rested for the past two generations.

Global governance model by WEF

The top officials in the Western and Eastern countries preferred not to see the warning signs, because the stakeholders’ ecosystems in these countries focus much more on their acrobatic political games rather than thinking what the situation would be under a worn international order.
In spite of the harshness of this provision, it recaps all the negative procedures allegedly executed to defend the national sovereignty of states.

Negotiating a fair game

When the goal is to find a way out of a crisis, everyone should negotiate new rules for a fair game. This may not happen as we aim our guns at each other waiting who will shoot first then claim victory.
There are instances when the negotiating parties are required to return to square zero. Even if this means changing the basic principles of negotiations not based on the relative weight of the state criterion, but on terms of the size of its obligations and contributions to the international community.
Through an international order that respects this standard, building long-term sustainable development partnerships can be reached. It also can pave the way for other norms such as free trade, open markets, and the importance of international cooperation, the articulation of universal rights and freedoms, and the need for states to work cooperatively on global challenges.
The application of such principle may become a viable means for solving the most complex political problems within the countries themselves as it will help the political parties and parliaments assume their genuine role of promoting meaningful national dialogue, shaping the political culture of the country and determining how the public relate to the government.
In this case, the media does not seem to be merely a tool for promoting “fake news” just to fuel conflicts and spread rumors but it will achieve the main objective of its existence, which is to provide an honest basis for development efforts by pointing out the foundations on which differences can be rejected and making a shift towards a more balanced, disciplined, and transparent coverage of events.

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