Cultural diversity.. Another dimension

Digital platforms and social media managed to bridge the gab of time and space to create a new world but does this world provide the cultural diversity required to create the desired economic sustainability which help boost trade and investment around the world? .

The answer is “it is a bridge too far to for all the mankind and a concern of great importance to international institutions, governments, businessthought leaders, think-tanks.

Today, we see how Corona virus came to be a stunning alarm toward the global health systems and its tech applications.

Since World Health Organisation issued its alarm early 2020, Challenge started to find an antidote to the killer disease.

Biotechnology and healthcarepolicy and investment:

I assume that the WHO can provide global countermeasures and investment policy to the disease and necessary to conduct research and development RD projects.

To achieve this goal they can set up an event, a “call to action CTA” by inviting government representatives and decision makers to formulate one agenda on the international level especially for infected locations in China and other countries.

The WHO can use their endless databases of the global biotechnology, healthcare companies and their labs.

The international organizations and donors to provide research funding.

Published research and their applications will pave the way to contain the disease and find the appropriate method to save lives and deal with the human losses.

By doing so, we will be able to track the changes and challenges related to the disease spread, its evolution and risk degree.

The previous model represents what things would be if we started working together to find solutions to the global challenges like natural disasters, wars and economic crises.

What happened in the real world was different because the virus caused a state of anxiety between the ‘speculators’.

The sustainable investor and the speculator.. the winners in the diversity crisis:

In my previous article, I drew attention to the cases of “exaggeration” that reinforce the state of “denial”, from which business leaders and investors were not excluded, as panic creates wrong decisions e.g the case of Carlos Ghosn, CEO of “Renault” is the most prominent example but it is not the only one .

A distinction can be made between a “sustainable” investor and a “speculator”, where economies, especially in the developing countries, need to nurture the sustainable investor is stronger, because they will bear the brunt of the burden over the next ten years.

This is not just ‘speculation’,  we can see the consequences of ‘populism’ and strict international trade measures.

Creating and diversifying a base of investors with a “sustainable” nature, integrating them in these plans in an acceptable manner, and through appropriate programs, will help develop further sustainable development road maps that can be properly evaluated.

This kind of cultural diversity ensures a “competitive environment” that guarantees a market share for SMEs to grow and develop into giant entities.

Brexit is not the ‘end of the world’:

Corona, Brexit, climate changes and other events will not be the “end of the world”, rather, we can consider them as stages for change and evolution.

It also helps us to reconsider our way of thinking about crises and the strategies that we adopt to find solutions, a chance to understand ‘the other’ and to create a state of coexistence.

The balanced nature of the sustainable investor, will always defy his opponent that favors taking investment decision-making according to economic media reports only.

The sustainable investor can translate these challenges into correct scenarios and cost-effective business plans on the long run.

In business world, the mission will not be easy but, eventually, the “prominent type_ the golden dog strategy” will prevail.

The distinguished models will be able to advance and shape the way our future life will be, based on their ambition, knowledge, experience and understanding away from false or misleading analysis.

“Audacity of thought” .. A new addition to the practical reality:

For those who do not understand the lessons of the past well, the “audacity of thought” presents a ‘new addition’ to the practical reality, as it provides innovative perspective to the global issues.

A debate that respects the value of opinion differences based on “flexible positions”.

It is sufficient to know that “thought leadership” mission in a field is to lay down rules and foundations using in-depth studies about the “global values system” and putting them to the table of extensive discussions before taking decisive decisions in the right direction.

“A fair fight and equal opportunities”:

“You do not have to be sad”. Dear investor, it is no use “crying over spilled milk”.

Some of those opportunities were not meant for you (either the time has expired, it was not real, or it did not match your capabilities).

Whatever the reasons, motives and results, you should also be happy with the opportunities that you were seized and invoke the ability to renew in order to be able to create other truthful and honest success stories.

Thus, you can build a renewed personality on a human level, and an unparalleled brand.

Of course, no one likes to spend his life to defend an issue, no matter how “fair”, with unequal opportunities.

But it is okay for new attempts until we reach ‘satisfactory results’.👍👍

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