Post-2020 world … “a new beginning”

In this edition ssue, I will provide insights on political, economic and technological issues that may top the media agenda through scenarios and strategic foundations on which propel you to think more about the practical and realistic formula for business plans based on scientific research to create specialized technological applications in various fields.

To talk about post-2020 world, I would like to point out that the state of conflict aims to create a healthy environment for competition, not to be a space to unleash “battlefields,” which, of course, will put both the developed and developing worlds in a “critical situation.”

This healthy paradigm of “intellectual conflict” has produced success stories destined to live outside the boundaries of time and space.

A recipient who looks to the future with suspicion will not be able to clearly define his chances.

This does not happen if the recipient is armed with faith and knowledge.

The World Bank .. “Beyond the Mission”:

The World Bank, in a post on the social networking site LinkedIn, entitled “Beyond the Call of Duty” issued warning signs stressing that by 2030, half of the world’s people will live in fragile, violent and conflict environments will live in extreme poverty.

To avoid reaching this result, it is necessary to “find and diversify a base of investors with a “sustainable”nature so that the development experiences of countries can be properly assessed,” and that this will contribute greatly to mitigating the severe negative effects of anticipated conflicts situations.

The foundations of the “United Nations Sustainable Development 2030” agenda and the World Bank reports shows the criteria required to create an innovation environment, presented examples of them and have been able to promote the successful projects.

Climate change:

Of course, many did not notice what is happening, as much media reports focus on aspects of global growth rates, not on the foundations and catalysts behind this growth. When addressed, you can bet on “fish memory”,😀😀.

Questions to ask:

The World Bank is working to provide a base of jobs to challenge the risks and create the desired sustainability status.

we need also to know of the statistical results that were based on it by publishing a detailed report ?? .

This report should discuss the target countries in this project in terms of a risk measurement, based on accurate and reliable analysis, and according to unified standards.

This can happen before we discuss the criteria on which these talents will be chosen, in terms of geographical scope, expertise and do such opportunities allow funding innovative projects and business plans?

How flexible is this talent pool in planning and executing their mission? … etc.

Is there an accurate description of these countries’ support programs that will be executed?

What is the role of developed countries in creating and financing of such opportunities for innovators and successful people in countries at the center of the conflict?.

Not to mention “bridging the knowledge gap” criterion that may arise from relying on competencies that are not familiar with the nature of the conflict in those countries.

Entrepreneurship .. balancing situations and combating crises:

Joseph Schumpeter’s viewed that “in a state of balance between supply and demand, the entrepreneur breaks the state of equilibrium in the economic system, through his new innovations, modern production methods, and new markets”.

The “Entrepreneurship” system promotes and implements projects that improve the standard of living in the world by finding the appropriate technological solutions to improve the people lives in the extreme poverty territories.

It allows creating the applications necessary for the governance of such projects.

A message to the sustainable investor “Through creative initiatives, you can move to create real business opportunities”.

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