The Digital Cryptocurrencies Leverage Theory:

The White Side for Money, Banks and Media Integration


To resolve the controversy revolving around the digital/Crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin.

The technological side was dominant to their structure and the global economic system ceased to adopt the invention officially.

This situation resulted in fake trading values driven by the speculators, encouraged by a surge in trading by the drug, sex and arms, money laundering and other types of criminal activities.

However, this situation kept the sustainable investor in a safe haven.

There have to be an equation that will be used as basis for integration. In this research, I used the U.S Dollar as a model of the new currency integration.

Unlike the theories behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, The theory and its application (the generated system) will help drive significant changes to the fintech sector.

Moreover, it will help give media and news entities to develop ethical practices in their coverage and try to develop more applications required to boost the whole international economy.

Innovation basis (Integration, Disruption and Sustainability):

There are four types products and services innovation:

Incremental, technological substitution, market and radical innovation.

The theory behind my product depends on disruptive innovation which helps to provide an advanced technological product or service that creates new market segment.

Radical innovations blend innovation with high risks. They also offer high potential and reward system itself.

The suggested theory will provide the right basis for integration and acquiring sustainability on the economic level

It will work to provide the right strategies to achieve vertical and horizontal growth for the economy sectors.

Theoretical basis:

The theory incorporates an approach to integrate print and digital currencies based on a mathematical equation for a blockchain system that can be used to produce the new currency which is encrypted, secured and protected by intellectual property rights.

Unlike the usual balance sheets or budget systems, the new system by using AI will take economic decisions based on countries development agendas while ignoring other random interferences.

The physical asset ( paper) will disappear and become just a painting crystallizes the artistic idea of the generated currency.

The digital asset is the one which will be traded and exchanged. Points system used to run exchange in the current cryptocurrencies is not effective on the long run as it is designed to work on the current traditional system.

Trading moment based on their digital and the artistic design of the physical asset, the’paper type’ will determine, The ratio (value) of the newly produced currency.

The new currency will have a unique value on the print level and also a fair valuation level against other crypto currencies and the usual currency types.

It will also produce (0) inflation and (0) budget deficit rates and will help the international economy to enter a new long term capital cycle. Not a temporary one.

The economic side of the theory:

It should be based on a sustainable development plan which represent three phase of it:

The situation before applying the plan and its indicators.

The expected economic indicators to achieve.

Clear results and economic indicators about it.

Further action plans.

The proposed system will work based on the country existing wealth and integrating them into valued taking into account its national CURRENCY reserves and The outcomes of of its mega national projects.

The system will help integrate these indicators and turn them into liquidity.

In addition, the new currency will be able to define its own interest rates by using artificial intelligence AI applications.
Let us say. The (sdg2030/40: coding number).
The watermark of the new currency on the price will represent a value on the AI system to the issuing country.

In the digital world, the same identity can be used through a financial transactions platform.

  • Communication theoritical basis :The theory is based on the (2030/40SDGs) communication strategy which had been used by the Chinese as one of their martial arts.

The technical side: system to include:
• The IPR code for the theory. (its IPR credits go for the authorProtected)
• The new print currency IPR code (it will be linked to the print currency with the watermark and the digital world.
• News and media codes for the economic indicators.
• Big data system to include the economic indicators and their codes.
• The AI system for image and digital processing. IBM provided such system.
• A cyber security system to safeguard the whole Blockchain system.


The final outcome of the theory and its application:

This coding system will make the new currency reach a higher level of value against all currencies even have the right to determine the value of other currencies based on the international trade agreements.
Digital transformation : The theory will facilitate the digital transformation at the level of countries associated with economic plans or institutions wishing to achieve digital transformation. The economic data will be transferred into codes used in a Blockchain system, thus contributing to the promotion of the desired values through digital integration.
Technology innovation centers: innovation and financial services centers will compete to create new financial digital technologies, thus increasing the innovations in hardware and software needed to establish new systems and networks to produce and secure the generated currencies.

Central banks:

The theory is used to support innovative interest rates by linking them to a comprehensive economic development plan in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade and services.

The new currency will have a slightly better appreciation rate through integrating the paper and the digital assets, which will earn the currency a greater advantage against other traditional and digital currencies.

The theory will urge the central banks to create new tools required to control the circulation of digital currencies.

The central banks will have to use advanced technologies that can track the movement of transactions to and from the offshore centers, which uses the Blockchain technique.

The purpose of the Blockchain system is to protect the new currency from counterfeiting and to avoid its use in the creation of illicit trade and activities related to the support of terrorism, money laundering and the arms and drug trade.
The economists: will work to create new theories of economic transformation, controlling inflation rates, entering into a new economic cycles, stabilize them and how to link the new currency with all electronic transactions and initiatives of financial inclusion and ecommerce.
The financial markets: This theory will help make the necessary leap in stocks, bonds and commodities markets as it will be traded digitally easily and on sustainable basis.

Digital Media and communication experts:

  • will help create new communication models for each digital currency because each currency will have a special feature as it will reflect a specific culture.
  • will grow their expertise and help become qualified calibers and trained experts to innovative sustainable economic profiles on the national and international levels through joining the voyages of creative projects.

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