Operations x Project: the story of a golden dog

“I have never thought that I can write your story one day. Is it fate my friend who brought us together to share the same era where we are all do our best to work things out?!”.

It is a story that reminds us with the most prominent leaders not based on their sign but also on their mission.

If you are a member of the Chinese dog sign, men or women the British politician (Winston Churchill, the Egyptian military leader Leautanent General Saad Elshazly, the financial advisor Mohammed Elerian, the actor Sylvester Stallone, the Egyptian writer Tawfik Elhakim, and the Algerian singer Rachid Taha.

Then you will leave your mark in leadership positions in politics, warfare, business, arts and media can transform the flow of events to provide radical changes.

Although some of them passed away, their words and actions were with eternal consequences.

With your dedicated and honest nature, you will find your way. Have the necessary courage to define your fate. Do not seek a position you do not deserve. Make your own position no matter the cost or the challenges you will face.

Be humble and stick to your case. Be your own transformation. Fight for a worthy cause and practise empathy.

Passion and sometimes obsession can be the last resort of a writer to defend his ideas and to fire the cylinders of his imagination.

Biased thoughts come to reflect different phases of thinking and conflicts related to them.

I believe that the future will be generous enough to deliver generations of this sign on the form of keen politicians, army chiefs, wealthy businessmen, sincere religious leaders and artists who will exert their best to defy gravity and seek the satisfactory conclusion.

As for me, it is an honour to bridge the gap between the different generations of our sign.

This is my message to the younger generations of our sign. “This is the story of your real ancestors. Read it. Perhaps you will find your own way to the hall of respect in this universe”.

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Corona virus:

Named COVID-19, the virus has shuttered commerce across much of China and is hitting company earnings, global stock markets and manufacturing across the world.

WHO officials declared the virus a global health emergency last month, while urging the public against over-reacting to the virus.

– The US Congress approved 2.5 Billions USD emergency spending package to help the Trump administration battle the spread of the coronavirus.

His Majesty Haithan Bin Tarek Sultan of Oman

Oman’s bonds due in 2047 were up by over 40 basis points on Tuesday, Eikon Refinitif data showed.


Oman’s deficit through the first five months of this year was “the smallest shortfall in this time period since 2014,” said Jean-Paul Pigat, head of research at Lighthouse Research.



قد يكون هذا توجه بريطانيا التجاري في المرحلة القادمة.. أن تحصل على أعلى جوده من المناطق الرخيصة من أوروبا الشرقية أو الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا بمعايير جودة متفق عليها.


Saudi Arabia 2020, Riyadh G20:

The ‘G20 2020′ began as a financial forum, and this role was reinforced in 2009 and 2010 when the organization held two summits in each of those years at the height of the global financial crisis.

The G20 likes to get its financial priorities in order before the presidents, prime ministers and heads of state descend.

Naming to Imply a Deeper Story

While it’s easy to give a project a definitive, stoic name, project developers may more effectively sway their audience with an imaginative and emotionally moving name. This calls for a creative process that utilizes atypical methods, such as double entendre, metaphor, connotation and others, to produce a thought-provoking title for a mundane circumstance. A creative title will elicit an emotional response from the project’s audience, sometimes without their realizing it. The naming consultants NameStormers suggested that Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy change its name to Fresh Energy precisely because that name called to mind many possible positive connotations.


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