Starting from the beginning: reasoning the current station

it is important to reassess the whole situation based on detailed analysis and sincere predictions to give a reasonable explanation and to provide long-term overview for what is going to happen in the future.

Source: investopedia

People will not stop try to find an explanation for a crisis based on their perceptions which may seem to be based on false information, misled conclusions and manipulation.

During this time, it just better not to take an action because actions can have severe consequences. For example, Coronavirus changed the whole global landscape and caused damage to the supply chains in various sectors.

There are two types of investors right whom are suffering this troubling period: the first type are rallying in the sell off direction.

The second type are the ones that preferred not take any action from the beginning.

The most common allegation for the two types that they don’t have specific and detailed information before it erupted.

From here we shall affirm on the importance of preparing contingency plans that address different scenarios. which implies us to bring imagination to the table.

Not only the launching phase but also during the other phases of its execution.

on the financial level, these plans also should guarantee directing the cash flow to the most pressing needs while trying to reduce costs and reusing neglected assets.

Trading in some international exchange market which are raising its values ignores two important facts.

the OPEC did not find an agreement with Russia on oil prices.

#COVID19 cure is not found yet and the infections are rising. so we are dealing with fake trade practices in these markets with no basis and it worsen the situation more as it is not a real correctional market movement.

Though there were bold moves such as the US plan for taxes, KSA 10 million USD fund for WHO, they are not enough to curb the damage that happened to the global supply chain.

Without finding common ground for the previously mentioned and clear stimulus plans from the central banks, Continuing to trade means the in international markets will move in circles and during these circulations more liquidity will be wasted.

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