‘Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ Group

Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ Group
Make it a distinguished opportunity to create a world of luxury and sophistication.

Who are we?

Located in Muscat – the capital of Sultanate of Oman, ‘ElPrince for Designs and Decorations- Co’ is a subsidiary of ‘Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ commercial group which provides a wide range of investment and real-estate development services for its clients.

The 2013 established, ‘Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ investment activities includes: building and construction contracts execution, interior and exterior design implementation, major renovations, wood products processing, gardens construction and maintenance, goods merchandising and marketing, and commercial business agencies.

With its expert administrative and technical staff, the corporation’s investment arms share the same vision which revolves around meeting the growing market needs by providing high-quality and efficient services.

It aims to achieve this authentic vision by providing unique design and implementation methods which provides the appropriate support for its growing network of partnerships in the Arab world.

Over the recent few years, the company went through an ambitious business voyage with prominent governmental and private establishments, either inside or outside the Sultanate of Oman.

The entrepreneurial spirit of our teams and the lively work environment helped make this voyage full of distinctive marks and successful deals with many of our clients.

Undoubtly, the rapid growth of the corporation’s activities stem from a solid belief in advancing the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman within its (Oman Vision 2040) framework.

Oraim Boulevard.

Why ‘Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ Group?

We seek a positive image of “Oman`s history, present and future” by highlighting its contemporary achievements under the patronage of his majesty Sultan Haytham Bin Tarek Alsaid.

Shawamekh Elkhaleej Elzahabiya’ group adopts a unique value system that reflects its business culture in dealing with the various stakeholders and key players in the fields of trade, investment and real estate development sectors.


Keeping pace with various developments in real-estate sector in the Sultanate and the Arab world, by adopting unique methods for design and decor, taking into consideration the international standards of quality, innovation, accuracy, and simulation in interior and exterior designs.


Providing various models of creative designs, and implementing them in a multicultural environment, with high quality and competitive prices, to be trustworthy of your confidence.

((Honoured to be at your service))


Spearheading the competition at the local and regional levels, by providing the best to meet the customers’ requirements, and adhering the work environment which helps us to become industry leaders.

Core Values

We commit to the essence of values and ethics required to execute our projects which are (creativity – excellence – commitment – credibility – honesty).

These principles are our guidelines in achieving the charming designs of your dreams, creating balance and distributing beauty in all corners of the place. This happens through paying attention to every detail from design to implementation, during all work stages and in an instant manner.

ElPrince for Designs and Decorations- Co

We are specialized in providing the best interior and exterior design services, finishing and decoration, and the implementation of residential and commercial real estate projects such as: apartments, villas, galleries, stores, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers, and full shopping malls.

Our investments

experiences prove that the creative touch and the quality of implementation are the easiest way to introduce our corporation. From this understanding, the projects that we oversaw reflect these standards, whether in terms of design or distribution of illuminations or color as a guarantee for achieving harmony.

As we go through various design and implementation processes, we also develop unique methods to ensure that the dimensions match the functional needs of the surrounding environment with the latest global decorations trends.

With our endeavors to reach this goal, ‘ElPrince for Designs and Decoration- Co’ focuses on supplying, installing and manufacturing decorative materials, furniture, wooden industries, and its supplies according to the dimensions of the place.

With the help of our skilled designers and technicians applying their extensive expertise to provide the latest trends in global decoration and design, meanwhile, we provide creative solutions, options and propositions for all projects, taking into account reasonable timescale and cost saving components.

Our services:

‘ElPrince for Designs and Decorations- Co’ offers a wide range of options, ideas, and solutions that simulate all tastes and needs, and through this we seek to translate your dreams into reality as follows:

  • Professional design services by using the latest technologies, and by applying extensive experience in design and implementation.
  • Innovative exterior design, as it reflects the identity of the owners of the place, including all “Landscape” projects.
  • Designing and implementing gardens as a home spirit and an outlet.
  • Commercial design and implementation (we create special features that highlight your business identity, and suit your business environment, to reach the highest levels of production efficiency with harmonious touches).
  • Designing and implementing commercial exhibition decorations and booths in a creative style and modern designs, and implementing high-quality and professionally crafted woodwork, including furniture (rooms of all kinds, doors, windows, kitchens).
  • Carrying out conch, decorations and suspended ceilings of all kinds (gypsum board, arm strength, painted ceilings) in harmony with the available spaces according to scientific studies, all the way to an integrated artistic panel that highlights the identity of work or housing.
  • Executing all types of flooring (ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble, parquet, terrazzo, HDF).
  • Executing paints (aging, marbling, spraying, and profile).
  • Executing electrical (supplying materials, and implementing lighting in all its forms).
  • Executing plumbing using the finest materials.
  • Executing iron, which includes (facades, stairs, fences, doors).
  • Executing air conditioning (split, central).
  • Carry out maintenance, renovation and restoration projects.

Our business:

Sultanate of Oman:

  • Diwan of the Royal Court.
  • The Ministry of Education.
  • Ministry of housing.
  • Muscat Municipality (Muscat Festival).
  • Muscat Media.
  • Al-Raffd Fund.
  • Malls, shops and residential villas.

Other projects in the Middle East:

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (high-tech).
  • United Arab Emirates (Red Bull).
  • The Arab Republic of Egypt (Atomic Energy Authority – New Cairo City).

Inspection for free

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our unique and distinctive services)).

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