Covid19 and the US elections..fiction vs serious evaluation


This report, released by the “Arab Digital Media Journal”, is dedicated to monitor the recent developments about #Covid19 and its correlation with the #US presidential elections.

The report is not bipartisan as it spots the weakness of the political and economic strategies used to counterfeit the virus from the early warnings phases until its spread on global scale.

The report also defines the winning strategies that are used to turn the situation around.

I cited that if the #Covid19 vaccine does not exist and the virus continued to spread, then the markets will witness sharp falls which will happen as a direct result for unreasonable trading values.

World Health Organisation affirmed that the situation will develop and take more than usual for the world to show signs of recovery.

I also imagined that the market fall movement will happen in the form of endless circles. In every movement of it there will be more money wasted until we reach the total recession phase.

I will try to integrate fiction to the report which will help guide the intelligence work in the future by citing threats and determining the proper procedures to reduce losses that happens as a result of similar crisis.
Sometimes we can use the myth of other cultures to highlight possible threats as “a forewarned is forearmed”.

Wikipedia 2020 US elections map

Fiction.. the 2020 Chinese metal rat year:

In the beginning of this year and through my posts on the social media platform “”, I referred to the predictions related to the year and major events that can occur.

In my posts two years ago, I sometimes warned that the signs were clear that a big crash will happen but with deeper consequences than what happened in 2008 (the earth element of this sign).

This year was the straw that broke the camels back as the years main message was that “a minor illness can happen but its threat can be great”. This year`s predictions also mentioned that caution, not laziness, should dominate the scene as thoughtless plans can backfire and worsen the matter.

The economy also was not a far of the threat as there has been some predictions that some – right now all- signs of the Chinese calendar will witness radical changes will in the form of social restructure.
What happened then?.

Later their response was slow or dissimilar to the situation as a lack of preplans or having ones that are not flexible which make #change_management difficult to achieve most of the time.

The main lesson behind using horoscope predictions in intelligence work is not controlling the course of events, as destiny verdicts will prevail no matter what we did, but to take the necessary measures that can reduce losses and restore the normal pace both in lives and businesses.

The year of metal ox and the year of water tiger are the next two years. They will not be as easy as the world economy recovery will be slow more than ever until things will develop into total catastrophe .

Using manipulation to get the US economy upon its feet will be disastrous as human losses will deepen more.

This resulted in severe liquidity losses which generated a rise in gold prices up to 1982 USD which means that most of the international stock markets will perform on slow pace. This how things proceed in the times of uncertainty.

The Democratic Party still have a clear strategy for how to curb the human and financial losses.

Although Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate announced his 7 trillion USD plan, it needs more refinement to showcase the stakeholders, and the service providers.

The Democratic affiliated media is focusing more on attacking Trump strategies without providing their winning formula.

The Democratic officials also are not specific in providing solutions, just attacks and information.
The Democratic nominee Joe Biden also insisting in appointing a woman as a VP does not give him the upper hand in the elections as gender issues are not in the focus of the US voter agenda during “war time”. The image is somewhat ambiguous.

The upside of the equation they exerted their effort to set the president up and made various plans to draw his sight away of the real challenges which are health and other social problems which were a direct reason to the black lives matter movement.

They were successful and Donald Trump himself gave them the chance as his main focus on stocks and trade ignoring other social obligations that matter most the US citizen.

The President and the Republican Party Donald Trump main failures revolve around not being able to tolerate his team criticism firing the opposing opinions, e.g Antony Fauci, which made him look like he is distancing himself deliberately from other constructive approaches. Another failure is that he is always aggressive in dealing with media inquiries.

The Covid19 testing is helping somewhat define the infected cases but it is temporary if he insisted on opening the states without defined safety measures and as predictions project that there will second wave of the virus in the fall. It is a reality right now.

The three phases of reopening the states did not include scenarios that will happen if the virus continued to spread.

The decision that will be made to curb the situation if erupted again.
The trade war with is developing into a political one over Hong Kong which results in the closure of the Chinese consulate in US and a respond in kind reaction.

Both the Republicans and Democrats fight will be how to innovate:

  • A new health care system better than the current one as it will not last longer after the crisis.
  • A new system to support businesses and individuals to go through the first two years of the pandemic. (Cost dividends) a pending stimulus plan in the Congress.
  • A new system to run businesses through clear social distancing guidelines. Eg restaurants will work via delivery channels.
  • A new KPIs system to evaluate businesses outcomes and revenues.
  • A great failure to the paycheck system as it did not provide a safety net for both businesses and individuals. Fintech companies should generate new models and applications to secure financing these segments. Pay check system is not effective while the world embracing the digital economy. A secured government platform transaction related to the Federal Reserve ecosystem and uses the social security number to provide financial assistance. A new social security model.
  • Voting by mail is not an effective method for voting. Online voting is essential to ensure the execution of social distancing guidelines. The US congress and elections committee should consider this option. Internet companies should consider new platforms and applications to secure online voting.
  • The Republicans adhere a “President at wartime” strategy while the Democratic party is working based on the principle “No Time for a change like wartime”.

Creativity wins:

The White House spokesperson announced an early victory of the current president. The debate is not over yet. Creativity wins.

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