The Path To ‘Evergreen Content’ In Tourism Industry

World Travel & Tourism Council’ WTTC predicts that with the current rate of recovery of the global economy tourism industry contribution could see a moderate rise of 31.7% in 2022 and jobs are set to rise by 0.7% this year

Tourism industry is one important source of income in Egypt as it accounts 12% of the GDP. According to, Egypt tourism revenues is projected to trend around 10 Bn USD in 2022 and 12 Bn USD in 2023.

While these figures can show us that the route of full recovery for tourism industry is still far from being achieved as projections refers to the year 2025, there are new trends which represent main drivers that companies should adopt

Tourism for SDGs


Closures that caused stress and anxiety caused by ‘Covid19’ pandemic revealed our need to rejuvenate and mind more our mental health.  Most important, all projections points out that leisure travel will prosper unlike business travel during this period 

Green Tourism’ is on top of the trends that will drive tourism sector growth which builds a new awareness for tourism companies about innovating programs to their customers and using technologies free of carbon emissions to combat climate change effects on human health and economic activity

Green tourism

Looking back into an article I wrote last May ‘Aviation industry.. Pending investments are waiting for a more stable business environment’, I cited that sustainability and green practices are going to be an important topic for the travel and tourism industry over the coming 3 years

As we are, either individuals or businesses, going through a critical period of transformation, we, as content writers in tourism industry, shall consider more our key selling points when conveying our messages to our clients. They have to be clear, concise and a way from exaggeration

What differentiates our clients is important and their integrity also. Providing the false context can be costly on terms of reputation which means a future of low rates of customer attraction and declining revenues   

Our messages are not a formation of putting words together. Our mission is to shape the passion of new adventures in the hearts and minds of our customers. We stimulate their sense to live the real experience

Most of the content we produce in the form of copywriting, reports, press releases or any other type will not be effective unless the customer feedback comes in a positive manner. What our customer imagined shall be identical to what we wrote. It is a hard equation to achieve in tourism industry but not an impossible one

Our responsibility towards our corporate client is to provide creative and meaningful strategies which stem from their plans to establish their presence in new markets or expand in the markets they already exist in or overseas 

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