An oriental vision of a ‘metaverse stimulation game’

In the metaverse universe you have two lives, you should strive to save one of them.

Going through the age of ‘metaverse’ universe may not sound like the ‘perfect cup of tea’ for some one like me with conservative ideas about technology and its ethical role in shaping our lives till reaching sustainable practices.

I do not deny the idea completely but I am skeptical about its execution.

Innovations bring more challenge to our lives and our mental capacity, as they produce two kinds of information flow: positive and negative.

Complexities are a must of such world and its conflicts will be unique as a result.

Simplicity will be hit with a large hammer sending the dreamers a plain message ‘this is not you world’.

Like Bitcoin, we have witnessed how cryptocurrency evaluation and management during the pandemic had a deep impact on the international economy. Call it inflation or stagflation.

It will not change the consequences of what happened since 2020.

Writing these lines, Gold prices are soaring high to reach 1900 USD for one reason or another.

I tend to see it as a part of innovation process. Of course, with side effects.

A tax we all should pay for looking into the future and thinking about it.
The sentimental values of the surroundings will change accordingly.

Hey Bill.. ding dong

In a piece of news from CNBC, Bill Gates made a prediction of a coming disease other than Covid19. are right.

I really do not in what stage of developing the metaverse universe?.

The mature phase will give us more clues about health and economy situation not based on technology this time but on ideas to crossover the rising roadblocks even if it was with a spoon 🥄.

While the current pandemic is not over yet. You can expect anything to happen. 3 years changed the human landscape forever and the process has no end.

Research centers and think tanks are struggling to provide the proper education about what is to come but were they successful in answering all our questions?. Were these answers fulfilling to our eager minds searching for knowledge?.

Did they produce us the right vaccines and technologies, or just experimenting?. Do they provide us the truth or just marketing schemes?.

Briefly, you can watch and wish to surpass all these negative feelings and the associated criticism of the apparent status of doing nothing.

In fact you may be moving mountains just by witnessing things happen from afar but unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy the crisis.

Oriental vision or depression

💯 Days, a new champion 🏆 is born.

Let us carry a scale to measure the weight of both. You will be shocked that there is some kind of equilibrium.

As a MiddleEastern, I cannot ignore this tendency to be depressed, but it will not turn me into ‘drama queen’.

After this thinking process with its curves and sharp transitions, I measure the results and see that movement was small but significant.

There is something in the loop and no words can reflect its notion. A smile comes to my face after all to declare.. just a ‘successful process’.

A mystery or the plain truth

In the ‘metaverse’ universe you can find all these mixed feelings and results.

Some of them will be sort of a mystery and the others are going to represent the whole truth of our real lives.

Believe it or not, I am sane, sober and it was only a mental stimulation game in the morning. Try it in your free time.

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