The cost of following an actor

‘When people choose their leaders they should be realistic about what they expect from them’. ‘Dears, The comparison here is not fair and the judgement will be biased’.

Since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine and away from our rejecting sentiments for this tragedy, This is the cost of hiring an actor to be a president.

Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, was caught by two major incidents since he assumed his role.

The first one was by making him escapegoat in the 2020 US elections as the heavy handed former president Trump exerted his full pressure to open an investigation into the Hunter Biden relationship with Ukrainian oil companies during Obama’s presidency.

The idea of cutting aids then was reliable to the one who assumes the oval office then.

Theatrical appearance or pure luck

At this time, playing the victim sounded a good strategy to manouvre and turn the tables to the Ukrainian president favour. reports were plainly clear that Biden will be the coming president.

You could say, then, that something is not right and if Trump to win the elections, he would transform the pending aides into sanctions as a punishment for an ally who did not submit to his will.

Theatrical appearance and pure luck served the Ukrainian president to overcome the whole situation and saved his presidency.

This incident exposed the real political power of the Ukrainian president who would have been stuck in an absurd position.

If I was the Ukrainian political advisor, my honest analysis to this incident would have been that: ‘Surely, you cannot count on luck every time buddy’.

The political scenarios are far complicated more than you can imagine. This is not a movie or a theatrical play. This is politics.

Playing with Putin is far different

With its long history on the international level, you cannot ignore the Russia’s political and economic weight.

Putin’s intelligence background and strict character are crucial to consider when you read between the lines the process of decision making and the way he handles the country’s alliances to make the necessary balance with the Western politics and to protect his borders from the missile shield.
The threats in Syria among other issues were of a high importance on his agenda.

There is no shame being brought up in communism and he has certain convictions about the course of action and a forecast for the final conclusion.

Putin’s survival ability comparing to his current age is marvelously striking. It is not the military power he possesses is key to gain more ground in every conflict.

Perhaps the young leader in Northern Korea has some of it but he will never be able to take the situation to the next level like Putin.

He is determined to win at any cost even if that made him cut oil from Europe and declare Rubel as a trading basis.

Joining hands with China, Iran and Northern Korea is a real life saver and adds more excitement to the ingredients of the whole scenario.

The cost is a nation

This opposing axis with two Security Council Veto countries and a country which is shaking stability in the Middle East via Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, makes the perfect alliance for, not as some people predict a new world war , a correction like which happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina the 90s in.

While both matters are different but they were played with the same players.

In Bosnia, it was just a test for the post cold war powers and their ability to resolve their contradictions.

In Ukraine, it is a test for the global powers and a new world order in a decade began with a pandemic and will not end by this war.

There will be other major turning points which will exhaust its resources and human capacity to the extent we will not believe the what will seem as the illusion of development sustainability.

With corrections you cannot overlook destruction and other bills to pay.

The cost is devastating alliances, failing leaders and surrendering nations.

So are we all ready to pay the price to turn what it seems to be an illusion into a reality?. This is the question we shall seek an answer regardless the cost.

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