The Egyptian Army is building upon its 2020 achievements

The Egyptian armed forces places high importance on warfare trainings with peers and thought leadership sessions to upgrade its role on the regional and international stage while helping to combat terrorism

The Arab Digital Media Journal/ Cairo- December 3rd 2020

The Egyptian Army is building on its achievements through 2020 by placing place high importance on warfare trainings with peers and thought leadership sessions to upgrade its role on the regional and international stage while helping to combat terrorism.

To bring this year endeavors to a fruitful conclusion, a recent session attended by the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces (AF) Lieutenant General Mohammed Zaki, the defense and military production minister, to discuss the potential scenarios and the ideal strategic approach to enhance the Egyptian strategic role in the Nile Basin and Eastern Africa countries.


The Armed Forces Operation Authority (AFOA) organized the session which gathered the frontline calibers of the army s commanders including the Lieutenant General Mohammed Farid, the Chief of staff, the leaders of its main bodies, and national security experts to help track the most sensitive and profound regional and international developments in the Eastern Africa region and embedding their recommendation to the research paper which came under the title ‘Upgrading the Egyptian role in the Nile Basin region.. A proposed strategic approach’.

The group discussion affirmed the pivotal role of Egypt in the African continent and its willingness to cooperate with the Eastern Africa and Nile Basin countries in achieving sustainable development goals whereas securing its water needs.

The main recommendation of the research is to call upon the stakeholders involved in the negotiations to take wise steps in dealing with water profile.

‘Badr6’ is an episode in a series of warfare exercises done by the Egyptian Armed Forces in ‘Mohammed Naguib’ military base to secure the western axes of the borders from the unauthorized passage of suspected personnel and smuggling activities with regard to the lack stability in Libya which is affecting the Egyptian national security and most of the region’s countries.

Two day a go, the Egyptian maritime forces in cooperation with their Greek and from Cyprus counterparts managed a warfare training to secure their maritime borders which represent a political concern for all parties.


It is worth mentioning that president Abdelfattah Alsissi since 2016 exerted a tremendous effort in improving the army capacity; via various arms deals to improve the Egyptian arms arsenal, intensive training, holding educational courses, and sending the distinguished officers abroad in exchange programs which helped to improve its ranking from the 12th in 2019 to the 9th in 2020, according to the Gobal firepower indicators.

Yet, Egypt ranks 10th in aircraft strength and seventh in navy fleet strength. The total strength of the former is 1,053 aircraft, while that of the latter is 316 assets, according to Egypttoday news website

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