American justice .. The lost American dream between communication strategies

‘There is no weaker and more ruptured society than abundant racial discrimination, and at a time of pandemic, you are talking about a devastating mixture of discrimination and poverty’.

Since the beginning of Covid 19 spread in the United States, and as a businessman we have seen the US President focus on businessmen, ignoring the requirements of Americans from the poor and middle classes.

The other side of the business world overshadowed his personality, the greedy one of course, as well as the fake propaganda man.

The contradiction was obvious when he threatened to use dogs to curb the anger of the protesters whom are demanding to hold the police accountable for the murder of George Floyd.

The recent church photo in which he tried to appear brave was not enough to clear the image of a man who will go through 2020 presidential elections.

Communication strategies defect:

Trump repeatedly focused on the economic crisis and tried to put the “doctor” strategy into play to look like the one who is trying to cure two diseases: the first one is a pandemic that doctors and specialists must talk about according to their specialties.

During its Covid19 first wave, the doctors seemed to be nothing more than coordinators, talking about numbers and merely medical supplies and equipment. The restrictions were apparent on their conversations and objections.

The second is a closed economy branded with ‘speculation’. For those who do not take notes on Trump’s method of managing the economy, we will see him dealing with economy through the “speculative” theory where he issues economic decisions that have a media effect and pushes investors to make investment decisions, then withdraw quickly after achieving a significant amount of profits. This is the nature of the economic cycle led by Donald Trump.

This does not only pose a threat to the American economy, but it is also a threat to the global economy, which is expected to receive a second bad wave of the pandemic, which could drain more cash.

“Sick Doctor” Strategy:

Unfortunately, his propaganda turned into a “sick doctor” strategy that instead of at least mitigating the effects of one of the two diseases added a new disease, which is ‘racism’.

In light of this imbalance, and the successive crises created by employing such strategies without awareness, the decisions become conflicting and you have to return to square zero again, which Trump did with issuing an executive order to restructure the police system.

The decision came ‘too late.. the hero’ because it was not based on what is in the interest of the American people, but as a result of low polls indicators.

We saw his son-in-law Jared Kushner prevent him from broadcasting a speech. It is well known that Trump family advisor is not a media specialist, no matter his ability to dazzle newspapers and TV channels.

So he returned to depend on the White House media advisor after he canceled the daily live crisis management meetings that had failed to clear his image.

Trump did not realize that exaggeration, which is, of course, an inherent aspect of his personality, would not make him appear more courageous in the face of these ongoing battles, some of which were against his will and far from the scope of his control, and the others he created himself.

The “Magic Book” Strategy .. Covid19 second wave Challenges:

As you face the media, you must know, that you are fighting a fierce war, and that the representative of the media is not the enemy. The enemy may be you without knowing it.

Some prefer dealing with the media by shooting. The inevitable result that your random bullets will be answered with heavy bombardment from the crowd.

While others think to deal with the media by looking at the ‘water vein’. In the latter case, you will appear in the eyes of the media as someone who is trying to make them a partner and a real stakeholder.

When you reach this stage in dealing with the media, you will find them open ‘magic book’ not to deceive the public but to help society overcome its crises. The media ‘magic book’ may produce many surprises, most of them will be pleasant, and they will not be harmful when they are not so good.

Managing Through Crisis: What Is Crisis Management?

Of course, many media professionals exaggerate the plot often in order to attract the reader or the viewer, but the media facts created by the first wave revealed the shortcomings of crisis management in many international organizations, governments, and companies.

This caused a lot of wasted resources on activities that came at the wrong time. Whether these wastes came in the form of entertaining during isolation or by incorrectly pumping investments into the economy in an unorganized manner.

Above all, we all benefited from the experiences of the first wave.

The journey never ends:

What will govern the success in resolving the dilemma of the relationship between the media and the community leaders, who now work as social marketers, is the way in which the media will be addressed, in its professional capacity and also as members of the public.

Isolation measures have inspired many media professionals to learn more about the scale of the crisis as well as some of the possible solutions.

It was also an inspiration to realize the burden on their future in solving the problems of their homelands and to share serious solutions about global challenges.

This makes the relationship between the media and the society an ‘extended relationship’, more like a long journey, based on enlightenment and modernization.

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