Writing for public relations in the digital age .. what lies behind and ahead

Human nature tends more to adopt easy solutions. Abundance does not often express effectiveness, especially if we are looking for radical solutions to challenges that contain very fine details’.

Creative content campaign

Will social media suffer, in the future, from a decline in the frequency of what is being written or the importance of its content?

Given that the criteria for complexity and simplicity differ for humans according to their educational and cultural backgrounds, writing is one of the most creative fields, as it is a profession that does not have a specific template or criteria.

Creative writing, especially in the field of public relations, is not related to merely describing a psychological state related to a scene to a recipient via a coherent pattern of words, but rather searches for details of the image also in the eye of this recipient.

Stephen King

In terms of the frequency of what is being written, the numbers are increasing in light of the fierce competition between the authors to market their intellectual product before the product or service they are promoting.

Concerning the value, you cannot determine the value of what is written, as the reader’s eye often links between what is written and the value of the writer. This is the prevailing norm at the social networking applications right now.

The value of what is promoted is closely related to the value created over the years through successive cycles of attempts, some of them succeed and many of them fail, associated with many curves that make you reach the peak and then land you to the solution.

Creative writing as “contemporary art”:

Just as you cannot become a writer overnight, you cannot also become a prominent writer if you cannot understand the profession of writing as a ‘contemporary art’.

You do not have to go through the writing stage to make a subject resembles Leonardo da Vinci who painted the “Mona Lisa”, but at least you have to let the reader or recipient smile while contemplating your idea.

It makes you think more to know the extent of inspiration that you could instill in the spirit of this recipient to see the dimensions of the image more clearly.

This amount of inspiration which makes an entrepreneur looking for solutions to his fledgling start-up during the Covid19 pandemic associated with a state of hedging that makes liquidity low in various markets.

Ernest Hemingway

As a writer, you do not have to relate your story about the entrepreneur to complex technical terms about how he manages the production process, but rather showcase his ability to manage the risks associated with this business.

Many writers resort to adding a dramatic plot about the sacrifices that many entrepreneurs made during their ascent trip.

It can be a magnet if it is real and not overrated, as it has been proven in many cases that exaggeration has made those who run suspicious businesses, stars in their societies.

This puts the writer’s credibility and what is being written in business areas at stake.  In such case, the audience will not forget easily, especially if they were stakeholders.

Seeking facts between question marks (?):

“Black lives matter”, that anti-racism movement that originated in the United States and had a wide impact in many countries of the world, is alive example for such notion.

The slogan is crafted to serve a cause and to pose a question about how important is the life of a segment of the human race. You may not see the question directly but it will be able to penetrate your thinking system deeply, as it is simple and persuasive.

Among the various advantages of digital media is that it will make the creative writer more resilient in face of the calls for racism, populism, and religious extremism.  Although its traditional characteristics have begun to decline, globalization will take a new direction, aiming to combating disease, poverty, racism and immigration issues.

Currently, many media and journalism associations worldwide have organized awards and provided support packages for news media websites to maintain the momentum related to the content industry process as well as to preserve the remains of globalization.

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One of these media and journalism networks I joined recently is hostwriter  which supports members at all career levels to raise the quality of media coverage by providing local contacts around the globe.

Although the advances in cross-border communication technologies have its flaws, it is a step that we can build upon in the future.

At least, you can see advanced forms of media practice, and the ability of such associations and media centers to create opportunities to increase awareness about the role of media in the local and international community.

Brands fell to credibility:

When the time comes for accountability, brands must raise their hats to credibility. Customers discovered that brand illusion is a hoax for companies to give more value than the commodity itself can afford.

This made clients more cautious in their investments and purchases. Also, many people do not accept shopping via e-commerce platforms . Liquidity has declined and the purchasing power of many consumers has weakened.

On the psychological level, a lot of clients are moving towards less expensive options, and the majority prefer to return to the basics. Some may see that major brands have failed miserably to create the appropriate demand equation, through special offers, especially in the clothing and food sectors.

Many of these companies see profit as a primary goal, without looking to the future. The profits you can get from sales and investing them in new production processes will create an appropriate degree of loyalty to your brand. It will also make your brand takes a higher position on the ladder of “social responsibility”. ‘Just think about it’.

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